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Visual Info Matters More For Online Shoppers – Use It To Your Benefit


“A picture is worth a thousand words” is not just a saying – it is probably the oldest known marketing strategy out there. In e-commerce, high-quality, clear images showing your product are vital if you want to convince the people to buy from your store.

The only thing that is more powerful when it comes to promoting your product and services is a video. Simple animation made from 5-6 product images tells a story way better than 3 paragraphs of the product description.

This should bring you to a very simple conclusion: when creating a marketing strategy for your online business, you should pay significant attention to the visual part. Here are some of the things you need to consider:


Grainy, low-quality product images overcast with logos and text are known to scare potential customers away. In the world of online shopping you charge someone for the product well before they receive it, so you should work on building trust and clearly show the product you are offering.

If the image is too small (less than 600px x 600px), too large (over 2500px in any of the dimensions) or has too much text in it, you may also have trouble using it to advertise your products on Facebook. To avoid this and other potential problems, take time to make quality pictures of your products with good lighting and on a plain background. You may consider making a so-called “lifestyle” photos, i.e. pictures of your product used in everyday situations.


Video content is on the rise – 78% of people watch online videos at least once a week. It is more informative than a regular image and can showcase a whole collection rather than just one product. Why not try and benefit from it by making ads that stand out of the crowd?

it’s okay if you don’t have the resources to shoot a full-scale promotional video – you can create a slideshow online using one of the available free tools or make it right inside Facebook. The effort and time you invest will be worth it – more than 80% of online marketers who use video ads say that they get great returns from it.


While humanity is getting more and more advanced at blocking paid ads, there is no way they can ignore or overlook posts from their friends and relatives. If you get your customers to post a picture showing your product – or, at the very least, mentioning it – you will get something no money can buy – social proof.

Of course, you cannot force people to post things against their will. What you can do is come up with creative ways of making people share user-generated content. For example, you can start a competition where the customers would have to use your product in the most bizarre or creative way, make a picture of it and put it up on their social media. The winner may get a free product or a prize of your choice – its cost will definitely be lower than the value you get out of the promo.

If you don’t know where to start or need creative ideas to get your visual content to work for you, ask for professional assistance – install AdsVive and find the right people to help you implement a successful marketing strategy.

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