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Time To Benefit From Influencer Marketing And Blogger Outreach Campaigns


No matter how much our society evolves, word of mouth still remains the most powerful tool to promote products and services. Of course, there is conventional advertising and it, too, can work miracles. However, nothing will bring you more loyal customers than a good old recommendation. As a matter of a fact, a recent survey shows that a striking 82% of consumers will consult friends and family before they buy a certain product.

Any business, online or offline, would love to have its customers tell other people about the benefits of its product. Unfortunately, this rarely happens – people are way more likely to share a negative experience with a store or a brand.

Who are bloggers and influencers?

Essentially, these are people who constantly post engaging content on social media, and, as a result, get many followers. One way in which they monetize their popularity is making shoutouts for a certain brand or product. This may have a form of direct promotion (e.g. “Use product X. It’s cool”) or a casual mention (e.g. “Wow, what a day! I ran a marathon and would be completely dehydrated if it weren’t for my favorite bottled water Y”) – either option is guaranteed to get your brand lots of attention from the loyal army of the influencer’s subscribers.

Why should I work with influencers and bloggers?

Over 90% of marketers who tried working with influencers found their cooperation beneficial. It makes sense if you have a closer look at shoppers’ behavior in the 21st century. Almost half of people who shop online rely on a recommendation from a “face on social media’. This could even beat the results one can get from a celebrity endorsement because when it comes to bloggers, it’s not just a popular face – it’s an opinion reinforced with a real-life demonstration of how the product can easily become a part of your life. Also, some of positive feelings you have for the influencer make you almost instantly like what they like.

How do I get started?

Influencer marketing is not something you should jump in to – do your research. First, find the people who could – and would be willing to – promote your product. You can get a lot of help from various influencer marketing platforms. Secondly, plan a budget. Return of investment on influencer campaigns is rather high, but you have to be prepared to spend money first – industry experts give a benchmark of a $1,000 per shoutout for 100,000 followers, although you may want to start with audiences smaller than this. Thirdly, be prepared to write engaging content. Surely, you can ask the influencers to come up with a text, but let’s face it: no one can describe your product better than you.

Make your first steps towards more sales today and enjoy all the benefits that come with it.

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