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How To Find Instagram Influencers: Pro Tips


Once you learn more about influencer marketing and understand the potential benefits of working with an influencer, you need to find one. The search may be a bit more challenging than you expect – don’t let that discourage you. Here are some tips that will help you:


People who can give you a powerful boost in sales and brand awareness are closer than you think. You may even be subscribed to a couple of them.

You can also use the power of hashtags – the words with # in front of them that are placed inside social media posts to make them discoverable.

Search by 5-10 hashtags that you feel would be relevant for your business. Explore the profiles of the influencers who made the posts, check out other things they post and consider reaching out to those you liked.

smart offer, negotiate the deal


Very often the influencers try to impress you by showing off their high follower numbers. They will also try to negotiate a better deal for themselves based on the count of their subscribers.

Quantity doesn’t always translate to quality, so evaluate the influencer’s audience. If the subscribers have no avatars, leave irrelevant comments or ignore posts (i.e. 100,000 followers, but only 10 likes per post), there’s a good chance that the follower count is inflated with bots.

Look for those who have genuine engagement – likes, comments, reposts. Keep it in mind that micro influencers can also make a big difference.


Once you find an influencer – be it via search, recommendation or an influencer marketing app – you need to take time to research his/her work in more depth. Scan through the latest posts, read the comments and replies to comments if you find any.

You have to be sure that the influencer has a positive image, respects the followers and hasn’t been connected to any shady cases in the past. The research will also help you see other accounts of the influencer in the social media and try cross-promoting your product on, let’s say, YouTube and Instagram.


Running a business takes a lot of time, so you may not have those extra few hours to look up hundreds of posts or check the subscriber list for consistency. Does this mean no influencer marketing for your business?

Absolutely not! Just like with other tasks you delegate to save your time, you can use an app designed for influencer marketing professionals. AdsVive will help you post an offer for an influencer and find the right one to do the job. Sign up today and get the sales your business deserves.

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