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Bigger Than They Seem: Learn How Micro-Influencers Can Help Your Brand


Product advertising is never easy. You have to search for the right channels, find the proper message and make sure it’s all properly designed. Even if you manage to get all these things together, you may still find it difficult to make sure that you are addressing the right audience.

One way to successfully reach out to your target audience is making use of influencer marketing. You should start with micro-influencers – regular people who managed to get a substantial amount of followers (normally, anywhere between 2,000 and 5,000) on any social media only because they generate interesting content.

Working with micro-influencers has many perks, especially if compared to online advertising or celebrity endorsement:

  • People enjoy the content micro-influencers post and don’t block it like they do regular online ads
  • Followers of micro-influencers normally share certain interests (e.g. surfing or travelling) and are in the same age group, so you get to address the people who are more likely to buy from you
  • Unlike promotions by actual celebrities, posts by micro-influencers are affordable and don’t look too glossy or artificial. They communicate real, sincere emotions and build trust in your brand rather than just tell the world that you’ve got money.

Getting started with micro-influencers is easy. All you need to do is:

  1. Make a plan. Define the goals of the promotional campaign you are planning and make sure you know how to track the results. Otherwise, you will simply not know if the investment you’ve made was successful
  2. Reach out to the right influencers. Browse Facebook and Instagram, research influencers on Google or save your time and use a platform like Adsvive to find the proper person (or people) to help you promote your product.
  3. Make sure they have hands-on experience. Provide the influencer with your product, show how it works and where it can be used, let them feel it and enjoy it – this will help you both to find the right message later on.
  4. Generate content. Make casual pictures and videos of how the product is used, come up with catchy, clever texts and be sure to provide the audience with a way to get the product if they want to try it – a link to your website or social media account will do the trick.
  5. Feature the content on your brand page. Yes, the main point of working with the influencer is to get your product featured on their channel, but it doesn’t end there – you can post this same content with the words of gratitude to the influencer. Encourage more people to post images and videos using your product – get them to include a hashtag of your choice to make sure that the posts can be easily found. You can even make it into a contest or a giveaway – experiment 

Working with micro-influencers isn’t hard and it has a high potential for your business, so don’t miss out and find the right influencer today. Good luck!

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